Westside Christian Church is a new campus of Jefferson Church of Christ; building on the rich heritage of a church with more than 100 years in Forsyth County, but with the look and feel of a brand new church. Westside is a group of Christian believers in Western Forsyth County, who want to follow Jesus and serve the community.

Westside offers you A New Direction...for life, for "church", for family, for marriage, for finances, for parenting, for kids...for you. And we believe that direction comes from being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

"A church for people who don't go to church." While the message of Jesus and the Bible never change, the expression of that faith in a church setting is ever-changing. As a result, we believe there are those who are open to the message of Jesus, but who resist going to "church." There are many who don't attend any church, sometimes because of general disinterest, or worse, a bad experience in the past. At Westside, we desire to offer a simple, authentic, and worthwhile experience for families and individuals to come as they are, while humbly leading each other to follow Jesus. And if you "don't go to church," you should consider us.

Westside and Jefferson share budget, leadership, oversight and resources.

At Westside, we believe that God’s far more interested in relationships than “religion”. The relationship He’s MOST interested in having is the one He has with you and me. To make this possible, He came to live among us through the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus lived a perfect life, taught his friends and enemies alike about the lives they should live and was eventually crucified (executed) to pay the price for all of mankind’s failures and sin. 

The Bible teaches that it’s by accepting Jesus as our Savior and asking Him to live in us and through us that we literally become “New Creations.” As Christ-followers, we’re able to make a positive difference in our home, neighborhood and community by serving as His hands and feet on earth.

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If you’re interested in chatting with someone about what it means to become a follower of Christ, click here to send a message to our staff. We’d love to get back with you about that!



Jefferson Church of Christ in Rural Hall, NC has a rich history of helping launch new churches throughout North Carolina and beyond. In 2012, Jefferson leaders wanted to begin a new work on the Western side of Forsyth County, and structure the new church as second campus, with a different name.  

In 2013, they hired Marty Anderson, who along with his wife Exie and daughter Sadie, moved to Winston Salem to begin the groundwork of launching a new work, now known as Westside Christian Church. Westside's opening Sunday was held on October 20th, 2013 at their current facility at 5086 Styers Ferry Rd. in Lewisville adjacent to Highway 421 and Lewisville-Clemmons Rd. Many of our launch team members were Jefferson people who became missionaries to the Western Forsyth Co. area for one year before returning to the Jefferson campus. Since then, we have been awestruck at how God has brought us many people from the local area to be a part of what we're doing at Westside!

Our purpose is to make friends and lead them to follow Jesus for life. It's a simple, but profound mission, and we hope people will find an authentic expression of church and Christianity among us. Over 1,000 people have been through our doors, hundreds have stayed to plug in, and all have been challenged to follow Jesus.

Westside Christian Church is a new church body, but we are already "making friends and leading them to follow Jesus for life." By this, we have been getting to know people in our community, fostering genuine friendships, and sharing God's love tangibly. And as a church we seek to learn from the Bible and each other how to be authentic followers of Jesus Christ, and find the "abundant" and "eternal" life only Jesus gives.

With such a simple, but profound mission, we naturally value certain things. And those Core Values shape everything we do as a church:

Everyone in Relationship: We want people who come to Westside to belong. No perfect people are allowed at Westside. Instead, we want everyone to be connected in relationships with others, to serve together on teams, and to be involved in a small group.

Everybody has a Role:  We want everyone to have at least one area of service. Ministry takes a lot of work, but when everyone has a job, our tasks become a joy. As we model discipleship, that also means we are identifying our gifts to excel in areas of service.

Every program has Reach:  We want to be more focused on the outsider than the insider. So everything we do is either relating to reaching and serving our target community, or it is directly in support of reaching and serving our target community. We can’t do everything or follow every good idea, so everything we do must come back to our mission.

Everything is Relatable:  Our teaching is from the Bible, and our messages are relevant. Our worship experiences will be engaging. Our relationships will be authentic. No masks – we follow Jesus together in the real world.  

Every step by Faith:  It’s not an “R” word, but there really is no substitute for faith. The Bible says without faith it’s impossible to please God. So, we desire at all times to make decisions based on what we believe God is leading us to do. We will favor what is Biblical and what works, over what we’re used to doing or what is easy.

If you are on the same mission as Westside, we invite you to join along side us by becoming a part of our Team.