Who Are We

"A church for people who don't go to church."

While the message of Jesus and the Bible never change, the expression of that faith in a church setting is ever-changing. As a result, we believe there are those who are open to the message of Jesus, but who resist going to "church." There are many who don't attend any church, sometimes because of general disinterest, or worse, a bad experience in the past. At Westside, we desire to offer a simple, authentic, and worthwhile experience for families and individuals to come as they are, while humbly leading each other to follow Jesus. And if you "don't go to church," you should consider us.

A campus of Jefferson Christian Church

Building on the rich heritage of a church with more than 100 years in Forsyth County, but with the look and feel of a brand new church. Westside is a group of Christian believers in Western Forsyth County, who want to follow Jesus and serve the community.  Westside and Jefferson share budget, leadership, oversight and resources.

A New Direction...

…for life, for "church", for family, for marriage, for finances, for parenting, for kids...for you. And we believe that direction comes from being a follower of Jesus Christ.