His Name Shall Be Called

In many people’s opinion…one of the greatest pieces of music ever written was Handel’s Messiah. It has become so famous and well-loved as a work on its own that many people don’t even realize that almost its entire text is taken right from God’s word. In every performance…the pinnacle comes towards the end as the choir sings the Hallelujah chorus. It’s such a compelling piece that from its very first performance…the audience feels compelled to stand as the basses sing… “And He shall reign for ever and ever.”

This Sunday, December 2nd, we’re starting a new series based on this very famous text from Isaiah 9. A series that I’m hoping will help change your perception of what Christmas has become. During the next 4 weeks…we are going to look at 4 descriptions of this baby who was born in Bethlehem that may be 4 of the timeliest things that we could look at.