New Sermon Series Begins June 2nd...


"The Dog Days of Summer"

We’ve all been there. The weather gets warmer, school comes to a close, vacations are planned and if we’re not careful, it’s easy to just coast our way through the summer and ignore our relationship with God and the church. It’s easy to fall into the trap of the infamous summer slump. So, the question we’re going to ponder for all of June, July, and August is this... “How can we avoid the summertime spiritual slump?  ”

That’s why we are starting a three-month series today called... “The Dog Days of Summer” and this series will be broken down into three parts.  Part one begins on Sunday June 2nd, and I’m calling this section, “Depend”. In other words, to avoid a summertime spiritual slump, we need to depend on the only person who can truly, 100% of the time, be depended upon...His name is Jesus. 

In July we’ll go through Part 2 which is to “Decide”. We have to decide every single day, that we are going to be disciples of Jesus no matter what season of life we are in.  And then in August, Part 3 of our study will focus on the word, “Devote”. As the early church did in Acts 2, we are to devote ourselves to God’s truth, and God’s family, God’s gifts, and ultimately God’s heart. 

And the hope for all of us, by the time summer wraps up, is that we’ll discover that, instead of being in a spiritual slump, we are on our way to becoming spiritually stronger than we’ve ever been.

I hope that you’ll not only make Sunday’s a priority on your summer schedule but you’ll also use this as a way of inviting others to join you on the journey.