Made for Mission

I believe that people long for a life of meaning, a life that matters for something more than their own personal comfort and temporary success. J.D. Greear wrote, “There are few lies that cripple the mission of the church more than the belief that only a select few are called to ministry.” This six-week series is designed to unlock the amazing truth that every child of God was “Made for Mission”.


As we journey together through the teaching of Scripture, we’ll discover that God isn’t looking for all-stars, just ordinary people who are willing to join Him in an extraordinary mission to change the world through the message of the gospel. Together, we will discover the powerful message of God’s grace and what it means to share this message throughout every aspect of our lives, wherever God has placed us.


I pray that as we go through this series, we will realize that no matter where you are in life, whatever career path you have chosen, whatever gifts you think you have (or don’t have), God has made each of us unique and He has called us to follow Him.


Journey with us, starting March 3rd, as we discover the simple truth that we were all “Made for Mission”.