• Worship, serve, connect

    At Westside, we want everyone to be in relationship with God and others. And to do that, we encourage regular attendance at Worship, serving on a ministry team, and belonging to a small group. Because we want to follow Jesus, we believe these are the building blocks for a foundation of faith. Because we value your time, we limit the number of "church events" we do so you can follow Jesus where you live and work.

  • Become a member

    We approach church membership a little differently. We want everyone who comes to our church to belong, from day one. We believe the best way for people to explore faith and be a part of a church is to dive right in and get involved. But for those who are ready to take on a leadership role, or want to make a commitment back to our church, we've set the bar high. We invite those interested to attend a one-time class on becoming a Westside Member. During that class we will talk about what it means to be a Member, and what is expected of you. (These include: a personal commitment to Christ, immersion as a believer, regular attendance, being a regular giver, serving with a ministry team, and attending a small group). 


    Why Small Groups? The Christian life was never meant to be lived in isolation. At Westside we want you to make friends and be led to follow Jesus in community with others. Small Groups, therefore, exist to connect people for Bible study and prayer.  

    We register for Small Groups three times per year. Check out our small groups page to find a small group!

  • Create your profile on westside hub

    The Hub is your way to stay in constant contact with Westside Christian Church. Your online profile, church directory, calendar, sign-up form, team roster all-in-one. In addition, keeping your family's information up to date will also make it easier to sign your kids into their classes, help you sign up for small groups, and view our online calendar. Don't worry, your information is totally secure and we will never give it out to anyone. Your public church profile only includes what you share! Click here to sign up and create your profile.